Excel HR (Laser Hair Removal)

Best Candidates

Laser hair removal with excel HR is a reliable technology that works for men and women of all skin types. During your initial consultation, your excel HR provider will discuss which area or areas you would like to have treated and make a treatment plan that will best meet your lifestyle needs and overall aesthetic goals.

Your Consultation

Your excel HR consultation is a quick discussion about your health and goals, what you want to get out of the laser hair removal sessions, and to set expectations about how many treatment sessions you will need and what you can expect during the excel HR treatments.

Procedure Technique

On the day of your appointment, the treatment will begin with a thorough cleansing of the treatment area. The laser technician will slightly stretch the skin of the area to create a clear pathway between the laser and the hair follicle root. A gel will be delivered to the treatment area to help facilitate the movement of the laser handpiece. The laser energy will be delivered to the treatment area to heat and destroy the hair follicle, preventing the hair from growing again. Most patients will feel a slight snap, similar to a rubber band snap when the laser energy is delivered to the treatment area. On average, you will need to get 4-6 treatments over a 4-8 week time period to achieve your best results. If you believe that the procedure may be too uncomfortable, talk to your provider about your concern. Laser hair removal may cause some minor discomfort, however, many do not consider the excel HR laser session to be a painful process.

Your treatments are staggered for very important reasons. Your hair grows in cycles (dormant to active growth), and the skin needs time to heal. The hair follicles in the dormant phase will need to cycle into the phase of active growth so the laser can reach it. You can also rest assured that this specialized laser hair-removing technology is used by Cutera providers to target only the hair follicle. This way, you do not have to worry if the laser is damaging the skin and other tissues in the treatment area.

What to Expect

Although laser hair removal is mostly gentle, the treated areas may be slightly red following the treatment, which will resolve shortly after treatment. When you leave your provider's office, you will be able to go back to all normal activities. It is best to avoid sun exposure and let your skin recover.

Laser hair removal has become one of the most popular elective procedures in America. It's an effective method for the long-term reduction or removal of unwanted hair on the face and/or body. Cutera’s excel HR is specifically designed for safe and effective laser hair removal on all skin and hair types. excel HR can be used on legs, back, arms, face, underarms, and bikini lines, and results can be seen after a series of treatments. In addition to laser hair removal, excel HR can be used to address dark spots, visible veins, and skin imperfections that need revitalization. With the versatility and wide range of capabilities of excel HR, it is great for hair removal and skin concerns.

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