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About RF Microneedling

Iowa Face + Body Med Spa in West Des Moines, IA provides radio-frequency (RF) microneedling, a breakthrough method used to generate healthier, more radiant skin. It accomplishes this by stimulating the production of your body's natural collagen via ultra-thin electrodes at a deeper level than what skin care products and other treatments can accomplish. This popular treatment is used by aestheticians and doctors alike because it can firm the skin and provide a tighter, smoother look. Iowa Face + Body Med Spa utilizes Cutera Secret RF technology, which blends the collagen-stimulating effects of microneedling and radio-frequency heat energy. The microneedles and RF energy are also customizable, which means the treatment is optimizable for every patient. RF microneedling provides stunning results on its own, but it can also be combined with other treatments, such as PRP. This technique helps to generate healthier, more radiant skin with gorgeous outcomes for our patients with little downtime.

Ideal Candidates

RF microneedling can improve the look of several skin and complexion problems including fine lines, skin laxity, acne scarring, surgical scars, wrinkles, stretchmarks, discoloration, and other general signs of aging. If you have begun to notice sun or age spots, smile lines, discoloration, or other skin flaws (from aging and sun exposure), RF microneedling could be the solution. You are likely an ideal candidate for RF microneedling if you want to:

  • reduce the appearance of acne scars, sun damage, and other forms of scarring or discoloration
  • rejuvenate your skin's smoothness, pigment, and tone
  • diminish sun and age spots
  • revitalize your skin for a more youthful, radiant look
  • lessen tiny flaws, like broken blood vessels
  • achieve firmer skin and a more refreshed look

Procedure Technique

Describing standard (non-RF) microneedling is really helpful with some patients when explaining the benefits of RF microneedling. Standard microneedling is a common treatment done with a small device that looks a bit like a wand with pins attached at the end. This device is either rolled or stamped over your target areas, creating tiny micro-injuries or pinpricks in the skin. These micro-injuries catalyze deep healing and your body's own collagen production, triggering the growth of new skin. As the pinpricks heal and your new skin growth continues, you will notice that it is smoother, more radiant, and more refreshed. Standard microneedling is often performed as a standalone treatment; however, supplementing it with RF energy, like Iowa Face + Body Med Spa offers, is known to significantly enhance results for many patients.

The combination of microneedling with RF energy utilized in the Cutera Secret RF technology is done with a similar device. However, the pins do more than create micro-injuries — they actually emit radio-frequency energy, introducing it deep within the tissue. This thermal energy creates a secondary type of reaction in the dermis, which induces even more skin tightening, scar reduction, and collagen stimulation. Not to mention, unlike standard microneedling methods, Secret RF is controlled by an exceptionally advanced computer system that allows the technician to completely customize every aspect of your treatment including depth, intensity, speed, and amount of radio-frequency.

What to Expect

At Iowa Face + Body Med Spa, your Secret RF microneedling treatment will be performed in our office. To lessen any possible discomfort, we always apply a numbing cream prior to your procedure. A small wand-like device with tiny pins will be gently passed across your treatment areas. This will be repeated until the aesthetician sees the desired reaction or until the number of times we determined in your consultation is reached. The downtime for RF microneedling treatment is relatively minimal, considering you can return to normal activities immediately following treatment and can return to wearing makeup the very next day. However, you may see tiny, pinprick markings or scabs for a few days after your treatment. These will disappear once your skin has healed.

Most patients need a series of 3 – 4 RF microneedling sessions to see their best possible results, depending on what concerns we are treating. Some improvement is typically visible after the second treatment, however your skin is still repairing for up to three months after your last session, which is why most patients pre-schedule a series of at least 3 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart for the best results allowing a shorter wait-time for your final outcome. Best of all, because RF energy does not create the same kind of injury as a laser, all skin types can be safely treated with Secret RF microneedling.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does RF microneedling cost?
Cutera Secret RF microneedling treatments vary in price, depending on your reason for treatment and the number of RF microneedling sessions you will need to get your ideal results. During your initial appointment, we can answer any questions and estimate the cost of your treatment.

How many RF microneedling sessions will I need?
Typically, patients see their best results with 3 – 4 treatments done about a month apart. However, everyone is different with different skin types and complexion issues. At your consultation, we perform a thorough evaluation of your skin and discuss the results you hope for. This allows us to determine the best number of sessions for your case.

What are the advantages of RF microneedling over other treatments?
RF microneedling can be performed on virtually any area of the body and face and is safe and effective for most skin types. RF microneedling provides remarkable improvements with little to no downtime and is a welcome alternative to a facelift or body lift surgery. RF microneedling can also help you revitalize the overall appearance of your skin after a surgical lift.

Is RF microneedling uncomfortable or painful?
We apply a local anesthetic before the treatment so patients typically only feel very minimal discomfort. To make sure you are comfortable, we will continue to ask you how you feel throughout the duration of the procedure. It is possible that you may feel mild discomfort briefly once the numbing cream wears off and while your skin heals.

Can I combine other treatments with RF microneedling?

Yes. At Iowa Face + Body, we offer several treatments that can be combined with RF microneedling including PRP. You might also consider a dermal filler or BOTOX to supplement your treatment. During your initial appointment, we will discuss your desired outcomes before suggesting RF microneedling and/or other procedures.


Rejuvenate your skin

RF microneedling is a breakthrough treatment with remarkable results. With its powerful combination of radio-frequency, microneedling, and skin tightening, it can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars, sun damage, aging, and more. Please contact Iowa Face + Body Med Spa in West Des Moines, IA to find out about this popular, minimally invasive treatment.

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