Microneedling with PRP in West Des Moines, IA

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About Microneedling with PRP

Iowa Face + Body is proud to offer our area patients microneedling, a process that punctures very small holes into the outermost layer of skin to stimulate collagen production and ignite the process of natural skin repair. As an extra benefit, your platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can be applied to the treatment areas to help expedite tissue healing and promote the growth of new skin cells. When combined, these treatments decrease the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and spots on the neck, face, and/or chest. The tone and texture of your skin could greatly benefit and appear smoother and more even in tone. If you would like to learn more about microneedling with PRP, schedule a private consult at Iowa Face + Body, led by nurse practitioner Jeanna Panosh, in West Des Moines, IA.

Ideal Candidates

An ideal candidate for microneedling with PRP is anyone seeking to improve the appearance or texture of their skin without planning for long periods of healing. Dry skin, uneven skin tone, rough texture, loose skin, age spots, wrinkles, acne, and scars are skin conditions that could benefit from a microneedling with PRP therapy. This treatment can also be utilized to combat the effects of sun damage that might have caused your skin to have a rough texture or hyperpigmentation.

Procedure Technique

Prior to the microneedling portion of your treatment session, a member of our medical staff will draw a bit of your blood for the PRP collection. The blood will then be transferred to our laboratory for the separation process where your viable cells, platelets, and growth factors will be separated into PRP. For the microneedling treatment, Iowa Face + Body utilizes innovative technology to make minuscule holes in the outermost layers of your skin. The very small needles used won't damage your skin but instead, help stimulate the production of collagen. Once the microneedling is finished, the PRP serum will be applied to the epidermis and allowed to soak in. After the PRP is completely absorbed, we will gently cleanse your skin.

What to Expect

After your microneedling with PRP procedure, you may experience some minor side effects, such as bruising, swelling, and redness. Jeanna recommends that patients avoid the use of makeup, do not cleanse with abrasive skin cleansers, and avoid swimming in a swimming pool for around three days after treatment. These activities can expose your treatment area to strong chemicals and bacteria that may lead to adverse side effects. You should also limit sun exposure or use protective measures when going outside. Full results are generally seen within several weeks as the skin works to fix and heal itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does PRP stand for?

Platelet-rich plasma

Where does it come from?

Your own blood! We draw a small amount of your blood and spin it down in our machine which will separate the blood into two portions. After being spun down, you can recognize the blood on the bottom of the vial, and up top is a rich golden "serum" which is made up of the most nutrient rich goodies from your body. Consider it your own customized "GOLDEN SERUM" it is the absolute best product you can apply to your skin because it is coming from within your own body!

When/how do you use it?

We apply your PRP topically during your microneedling treatment, it will penetrate into the skin with the treatment so that optimal results can be noted.

What is the benefit?

Using a serum created from your body's own platelet-rich plasma has been noted to decrease downtime AND speed up how soon you will see your results! All your favorite celebrities are raving about it!

How much longer will it add to appointment?

None! We draw your blood while you're sitting with your numbing cream!!

What should I expect afterwards the day of the appointment?

We ask that you leave the PRP sitting on your skin for the rest of the day! There will be no need to wash your face that night, wait until the following morning to allow for maximum absorption and contact time. Your skin will feel tight while the PRP sits on your skin because it dries on your skin like a taut mask.

How much does microneedling with PRP cost?
Your microneedling with PRP treatment will be priced according to the number and size of areas being treated. During your initial consultation to build your personalized treatment plan to fit your needs and concerns, your cost can be discussed. Iowa Face + Body often offers discounted packages of multiple microneedling with PRP, as well as monthly treatment specials. Ask about current specials and which payment methods we accept when you are scheduling your consultation.

How effective are microneedling with PRP treatments?
Microneedling with PRP treatment results may not be visible right away, but the growth factors in the PRP (platelet-rich plasma) serum will help to boost the growth of stronger, healthier skin. To get your ideal results, you might need to get several treatments initially and then maintain your results with semi-annual treatments. Your aesthetician will discuss what to expect in your consultation so you know what will happen after your treatment.

How many microneedling with PRP treatments should I receive?
To begin with, you may prefer to schedule a series of microneedling with PRP treatments scheduled every few weeks. Based on the initial condition of your skin and your specific goals, your technician will create a microneedling with PRP treatment plan to restore the health and appearance of your skin.

How often should I get microneedling with PRP treatments?
After an initial series of sessions, you should schedule maintenance treatments 2 – 4 times a year. How often you need treatments will vary based on the health and age of your complexion and goals so we will help you decide on your custom microneedling with PRP plan. Your aesthetician will be able to make recommendations on how often you should schedule treatments so your skin stays strong and healthy.

Should I get microneedling with PRP or injectable wrinkle treatments?
While microneedling with PRP delivers long-term rejuvenation and strengthens the treated skin, injectable wrinkle treatments produce more immediate results. Based on your concerns, you may prefer microneedling with PRP by itself or you could combine it with an injectable wrinkle treatment, such as BOTOX or Juvéderm. During your initial consultation, your technician will build your custom treatment plan to match all your concerns and goals.

Schedule your PRP Treatment

This microneedling procedure can be very beneficial for patients interested in improving the look and feel of their skin. Microneedling can help make your skin appear smoother, younger, more luminous, and firmer. We urge patients to learn more about this treatment by speaking to one of our certified aestheticians or by scheduling a consultation at our West Des Moines, IA practice today.

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